Problem with the new hard disk

Finally my laptop hard disk is dead .. the hard disk was working fine and suddenly the operating system is freezed 

i went to buy new hard disk for my laptop .. i want only hard disk with not too large space as it’s not important to me so i got fujitsu hard disk with 160 gb space 

from here the problem started .. when i start to format the hard disk and setup windows XP ( i was trying only windows xp off course won’t install it ) it didn’t see the hard disk 

when i put the windows 7 cd , the laptop saw the hard disk .. that is interesting .. what can i do here 

after some searching for the problem i found that the problem was at the bios .. you have to configure the bios for the sata hard disk … old operating system such as windows XP need to have enhanced AHCI mode to be enabled ( you will find that at advanced setup in bios ) 

for newer operating system there is no problem for the hard disk 



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