Trellis help desk — Blank page after install

Are you Kidding me ?

i was working on friend website and he asked me to see his trellis website problem , after install it i found the page is totally blank.

What is going on ?

To solve this go to the page called class_skin.php
and change the following code ( you will find more than one of them .. you have to change them all )

$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'member', &$this->ifthd->member );
$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'cache', &$this->ifthd->core->cache );
$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'input', &$this->ifthd->input );

$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'lang', &$this->ifthd->lang );


$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'member', $this->ifthd->member );
$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'cache', $this->ifthd->core->cache );
$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'input', $this->ifthd->input );

$this->ifthd->core->template->set_var( 'lang', $this->ifthd->lang );

You will only remove the reference(pointer) and it will work , if you have more question please contact me.

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  1. Johnk164

     /  17/07/2014

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  2. Hi, Thank you fro your help!!! In this momento I have another problem, get illegal string in /includes/ifthd.php on line 1444 v1.0.4 final. please help me. Thank you so much.

  3. pradeep

     /  07/11/2013

    well i am too getting the same blank page after installation.
    i have wamp running on windows 7 with everything configured on port 81
    so the link should be localhost:81/Trellis/
    unfortunately i am getting blank page, and when i try the same with ip address it give 403 forbidden error :You don’t have permission to access /Trellis/ on this server.
    please let me know if you guys have any insight.

  4. farrakh

     /  31/07/2013

    if page is blank , during installation use IP Adress instead of localhost

  5. m4esa

     /  29/06/2013

    how to install in ubuntu 12.04



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