Removing Backupbuddy plugin backups directory from WordPress

Backupbuddy logo
Many people using backupbuddy plugin to take a regular backups for their website, truly i didn’t knew about this plugin until month ago, i used to take the backup the regular way ( take the database backup and take also a backup from the wp-content folder ).

This plugin made my job easier for doing that that, i recommend that to any WordPress developer/designer .

My problem with it that the locally backups for this plugin, i usually used to create a beta folder for my WordPress project then after finishing it copy the beta contents to the www directory, I’m doing that to allow my mates in the company to see and modify the project in the same place .

You may face a problem after that when you try to delete the beta directory is the permission for the backbuddy folder can’t be changed and also you cannot delete the folder .

this because of the ownership of the directory for the backups , there is no way for doing that except on the following ways :

  • You may have access for the ssh for the hosting, in this case you can change the ownership for the directory or use the following Linux command to remove the directory ( be sure first that you are super user ( su – ) 
    • rm -rf beta
  • The other way is to remove the backup plugin first from the WordPress itself before copying and contents for the directory
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