Spam Text Inserted in my WordPress website

Found the spam code

fetch as google in webmaster tools

I had a problem with a Spam code inserted on my website, when i check the code i didn’t find anything but i see it when i use google crawl index ( from my Google webmaster )

How to solve that

You  have first to change the password of the FTP access and the admin access for WordPress, that is so important , then scan your PC with a good antivirus ( if you are using windows ) .

After that you have to check your plugin ( in my case that was the problem ), i installed many plugins that got that spammy code in it, so i removed them .

To check that there is no problem with your text of the website, you can check your website with google crawl index ( image on left )

and then after submitting the website, you will find a link for a success , press on it you will redirected to the indexed page

This is very useful to see your website as google see it .

Final thought

I have to explain the spam text inserted in my website, the spam text was like the following message and i removed it by removing the plugin infected ( this is the case happened with me ) , if that could help any one somehow.

spammy code for casino website

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