Connect Windows and Mac to get your files

I bought a macbook and i wanted to get the files from my windows PC to the new mac .. i search the web for all the ways to do that , there is many ways but what i did was the following

Connecting the two computer with the router

I found this the best option but i faced a damn problem here, my router is only one port ūüôā i know stupid, so i searched the web for another option to do that , suprisely i found that i can connect the Windows PC with the MAC to make the job done.

Get the wire between the LANS

First thing is to connect the two computer with the cable network, it’s obvious isn’t it ? , then go to windows pc and share a file with click the right click ¬†then choose –> share with –>¬†advanced sharing¬†

That is important to choose a user type to be a guest user, then give him the privilege to read/write, then the most important part ( that took me a while pulling up my hair ) you have to go the control panel and choose advanced network setting ( shortcut is to search advanced network setting through the start menu ) .

Under the password section please change the password protection to no after that you will leave windows and go to mac

Open Finder in Mac

Open finder and go –> connect to server ( shortcut command+K ) then¬†smb://write_here_your_ip , if you don’t know where to get your ip you have to turn to windows and type¬†cmd¬†and type ipconfig .

After connecting to the server, Finder will prompt you for entering with guest user or workgroup privilege user, you have to choose guest user then enter your partition and go to the sharing

If something unclear please write comment below and i would like to help you ..



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