Translating a WordPress Theme your purchased ( AKA Themeforest themes )

Buy a theme from themeforest

Today i bought a theme from themeforest, the theme supposed to be a translated ready but i struggled in translated it for a while so i will give you the best hint for translating a theme

Look for the load_theme_textdomain function

First thing you must to do, open your editor and search for a function called ( load_theme_textdomain ) , this is used to specify the unique theme name and the path to the translation.

You have to know this is an important step, in my case the developer how made the theme didn’t write the path for the translation of the theme.

You will find ( most of the time ) this in the function.php file, if you don’t find it please write it in any place in your function.php file like the following

load_theme_textdomain('your-theme-unique-name', get_template_directory() . '/languages');

Add the translation to the write place

Add the translation file ( po, mo ) file to the languages folder, like the path provided above, just you have to open the poedit, and create a new translation and choose your language ( arabic in my case ) .

Then choose update from POT,  and choose the old translation ( it would be english in most cases ), and translate in the white box under the string .

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  1. Salah

     /  23/07/2015

    Do have any experience to force a theme to be mirrored? for example rendering grid gallery/posts starting from right not from left, I mean position [0,0].

    This is an important thing for responsive themes because when you show your website to other people who use tablets or phones, the content will be there correctly.

    • Hello

      I don’t know what u mean here? Do you mean change the theme direction to rtl, if that the case you only need to change thd css to rtl, there is online tools that do the trick for u, just search for css rtl converter


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