Make question2answer script do approve for the questions only ( not answers )

In my new project i wanted to use a script to do question and asnwer community like , so i search online and i found the most open source and ready to customize is question2answer .

I had a problem that i wanted to change the script to not let any user post any question without approval, the question must be approved first before appear on the website .

if you investigate in the database you will find there is a table called posts, there is apost type Q, Q_QUEUED  , that is obvious the difference between them, the Q is for the published ready post questions , and the Q_QUEUED for the question need to be approved first by admin .

so you can do to the file called qa-page-ask.php and search for the line start with $in[‘queued’] , you will find it like the following

$in['queued']=qa_user_moderation_reason($userlevel) ? true : false;

you have to change it to


this will allow it to be like true every time


also you may want to change the message that appear when the question need to be approved , search for the message in the file called qa-lang-question.php ( located in qa-lang/ar ) .

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