Magento problems and localhost for windows

Can’t access the admin dashboard

You may want to try commenting out session cookies.

Most browsers won’t accept cookies from a localhost, and that is the issue you are having.

To comment out session cookies, you’ll need to navigate to Varien.php. The path is


Find the code for setting session cookie parameters. In my copy of the Varien.php file, these started on line 77. Here is the specific code for which you’re looking:

// set session cookie params

Comment out the final three lines and be sure to remove the comma after $this->getCookie()->getPath(). You should end up with this:

// set session cookie params
// $this->getCookie()->getDomain(),
// $this->getCookie()->isSecure(),
// $this->getCookie()->getHttponly()

You can see a video about doing this at the following link

Note : don’t forget to enable the mod rewrite in WAMP