Problem with logging in to the VPS account ?

Every time trying to login to the vps account i got this message ( login error ) message and i didn’t change the credentials or anything .. what is the problem ?
the problem was that the WHM has a security defense against brute force attack for passwords .. to solve that issue you have to get to security center >> cphulk brute force protection

You have two options to make

  • disable this feature ( i don’t recommend doing that )
  • clear the flush and change the setting for failed account login attempt’s to something higher than the default one ( and i do recommend that )

Off course you may say that how can i access the WHM if i disabled from login in ? what is that fuck ?
and i will tell you still have two options to solve this problem :

  • contact your service provider to access the WHM for you and white list your ip
  • make this from the ssh

If you prefered the second option please check the following link :